First Teaching Hospital of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine was established in 1954 and it is a general TCM hospital with the highest technical categories on the largest scale. The hospital covers an area of more than 80,000 square meters, which has 1700 sickbeds in In-patient Department. There are more than 5000 outpatients a day on average and there have been more than one million outpatients each year for twenty years. Currently the staff of the hospital is more than 1,700, which including 1435 medical & technical personnel and 748 employees with senior technical title. There are 22 clinical technical departments in the hospital and more than 1,000 medical instruments on the advanced world level for clinical examination, diagnosis and treatment.

The hospital is outstanding and noted both at home and abroad for the curative effect of its "Xing Nao Kai Qiao Therapy"(XNKQ Therapy, activating the brain and opening the orifices) in treatment of stroke, which was initiated by Prof. SHI Xuemin, supervisor of M.D. of TCM, an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering. There are more than 600 sickbeds for the inpatients suffering from cerebrovascular diseases in building C of the hospital. Acupuncture treatment (XNKQ Therapy) is applied as the main treatment, also accompanied with oral taken Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tuina (Chinese Massage), cupping, body-wash with Chinese herbs and rehabilitation, etc everyday. Most of the patients got remarkable curative effects after treatment. One treatment course takes about three months. Besides of the stroke, some other diseases are also can be treated by Traditional Chinese Medicine, such as multiple sclerosis, facial paralysis, headache, insomnia, neuralgia, arthritis, pain syndromes, cervical and lumber spondylopathy, tennis elbow and sciatica, etc.